AYS Daily Digest 30/06/17: Questioning values…

Water shortage stings Samos and Chios / Half a million remain without access to aid in Syria / Suicide bombing in refugee camp in Lebanon / Hunger strike on Lesbos / Volunteer activities to relieve heat / Spain accepts new refugees / Situation in France continues to escalate / And more news…

FEATURE: The question backwards.

Rather than asking what is the value of life according to European Values, we should ask what the value of “values” are in the context of life.

MSF posting about death toll on land
Photo from participant in Moria Hunger Strike. Credit: United Rescue Aid


According to the United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator, around half a million Syrians remain in besieged locations around the country. The Syrian civil war, a multifaceted conflict involving dozens of factions, is now in its seventh year. The current most urgent situation is in Raqqa, where the Syrian Democratic Forces are continuing their offensive against Da’esh. The United States has increased visible involvement in the conflict mostly in the form of airstrikes, which are also largely affecting civilians, in addition to the already deadly Russian airstrikes, which continue to mount the death toll.

Collectively, about 4.5 million Syrians are estimated to remain in the besieged and hard-to-reach areas across the country. He also updated the Council of recent deployments of trucks from the UN World Food Programme (WFP) from Aleppo, through Menbij and to Qamishly in Hassakeh governorate, allowing delivery of aid at scale to north-east Syria, where people had been short of supplies since the closure of a cross-border access point with Turkey in December 2015.

Around 11.4 million Syrians have been displaced in the conflict, with over half of those being internally displaced people. The next two primary locations of refugee settlements are in Turkey and in Lebanon; however, these refugee camps, in addition to often being under-serviced and refugees being pushed to the margins of the host community, are not beyond the risk of being attacked.


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Water shortages also affecting Souda.

LESVOS: Moria Hunger strike

The hunger strike in Moria is ongoing, with participants making their demands known. United Rescue Aid has been covering the situation in detail, giving the participants a chance to be heard. Below is a video where one of the participants explains his motives.

Video posted by United Rescue Aid

Below is an excerpt from a volunteer’s report after returning to Moria from being there last year. We are approaching the two year anniversary of the kick off of the “crisis” sphere of refugee movement into Europe, and in his words we can see the result of psychological warfare of restriction of movement.


Volunteers are sought to participate in summer football program run by Earth Refugees. They must be over 21 and be able to commit for three weeks. Check out the form for more information.

Nea Kavala

A wonderful story of volunteers working together. Around forty residents of Nea Kavala were taken in turns to a swimming pool close-by to help cool off!

Splashing around. Photo credit: Maritta Gudrun


In Serbia, multiple actions by police have resulted in crackdowns not only on refugees waiting, but also on volunteers. Two days ago while a doctor was helping treat a wound, police came to volunteers and requested to check their passports and taken to the police station for questioning. The police did not formally detain anyone, but volunteers could not leave so as to be near their passport. They were stuck in the station for three hours. Additionally, volunteers report that one of those who were arrested was minor, and that he was treated extremely poorly by police.


184 Refugees arrived in Spain from Greece to be resettled in 15 cities across spain, reports Holes in the Borders. The refugees were 52 min, 44 women, and 88 minors. Good luck in your new life, all!

Photo Credit: Diego Montalbo


The situation in France remains a protracted crisis. The mayor of Calais has refused to comply with a court order to install water points, leaving that service, again, to much-maligned volunteers. To support operations to provide water from a tank trunk, go here.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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