AYS Daily Digest 04/10/17: Situation deteriorating in the north of Italy

Call for help from Italian volunteers / Some camps in Greece still in tents ahead of winter / MSF report on border violence by EU police / AYS meets representatives of EC over report on illegal practices of Croatian authorities / Calls for donations and volunteers

Gorizia (Photo by Serena Visintin)

FEATURE: Situation deteriorating in the north of Italy

(Photo by uncredited volunteers)



New arrivals


(Screenshot from a video by CESRT)

Derveni: ahead of another winter under tents

Refugees who currently live at this place, fear that increasing numbers of residents might soon cause more problems to them, as living conditions are already poor and many people suffer from psychological problems. At the same time the sanitary infrastructure is already insufficient despite recent efforts to repair broken toilets and bring new ones. The refugees told us, that most of the times, there is no hot water, a problem of major significance with winter getting closer.

Asylum process: translation

Translators wanted


Violence by the EU border police continues

“For more than a year our doctors and nurses have continued to hear the same, repetitive story of young people being beaten, humiliated, and attacked with dogs for desperately trying to continue their journeys.”

It’s disgraceful that EU Member States are intentionally using violence to deter children and young people from seeking asylum in the European Union”, says Stephane Moissaing. “It’s not stopping these kids from trying but it is causing serious damage, both physical and psychological, making them more vulnerable and pushing them back into the hands of the smugglers the European Union and the Member States claims to be fighting.


EC met with AYS and CMS over latest Report



2016 vs. 2017


Co-drivers needed



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Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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