AYS News Digest 10/11: Refugees in Serbia have no choice but to run and hide

Cleansings and evictions spread across Serbia, refugees in hiding and running. Volunteers and translators needed in Greece. War in Syria continues…

Credits: Sara Bencekovic (AYS)


Eviction of refugees in Serbia; Fear looms over their deportations to Macedonia

A night in Belgrade. Credits: Refugee Aid Serbia



War in Syria continues…

Assad helicopters dropping napalm like barrel bombs on Khan al-Sheeh in rural Damascus. Credits: Free Syria — Salam

UN says 250,000 Aleppo residents could starve if emergency resupply fails

UN Presents Plan for Saving Syrian Aleppo


Arrivals to Greece dropping

Tensions on Samos after clashes between residents and refugees

Refugees set fire in Chios hotspot to protest their living conditions. Samos refugees marched for justice.

Job-search in Greece made easier

All volunteer opportunities in Greece

Credits: Khora
Celebration of 6 months of City Plaza. Credits: Χώρος Στέγασης Προσφύγων City Plaza

IRC is looking for translator/cultural mediators (Arabic or Urdu speakers) in Athens


Cyprus rescued a boat with 150 refugees on board

Serbian-Hungarian border



A Paris volunteer’s testimony

Paris opens its first humanitarian migrant camp




Germany boosts aid to U.N. in Africa to deter Europe-bound migration

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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