EU has failed to fulfill even its own meager target for refugee resettlement in the month of March. Meanwhile, with the closing off of the Balkans route, traffic in the Mediterranean has once again picked up, with 12,000 saved since March. Greece’s standing in the Schengen zone is threatened, with the EU believing that Greece has not been stringent enough in its border regime.

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Kids playing in a field in Idomeni (Photo by Nima Maei)


More information surfaces detailing the sub-par conditions that Syrian refugees are left in.


120 refugees rescued by the Greek Coast Guard today in three separate operations.

The Macedonian border police continues its aggressive retaliation against refugees in Idomeni.

Greek Foreign Ministry criticizes neighboring countries for partaking in the aggressive repression against refugees in Idomeni.

Aid Delivery Mission make an appeal in reaction to suspicions promoted against volunteers by the media.

Refugee boy in Katsikas camp in desperate need of a liver transplant.

Volunteers needed in Samos!

Residents of Chalkero camp report dreadful conditions.

European Commission demands tighter Greek borders, threatening suspension of Greece from the Schengen Zone.


New amendments to the Law on Asylum could have a negative impact on the rights of asylum seekers and refugees


The camp at Slavonski Brod will be officially closed on this Friday. It is already empty.


Italy decries Austrian border controls, claims that there is no evidence of a drastic increase of the numbers of migrants from Italy.


10thousand additional Syrian refugees to be relocated to Canada this year.


1145 refugees relocated from Greece and Italy in March, falling far short of its target of at least 6000.

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Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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