AYS News Digest 16/06: This is why men flee war.

New testimonies of torture in Fallujah. Ceasefire doomed, MSF hospital shut down after attacks on Aleppo. Greece passed legislation to replace members of an asylum appeals board with a new three-member body, fears of more returns to Turkey. Volunteers sued by government after renovating Elpis Hotel to accommodate refugees. French authorities trying to ban 250-vehicle aid convoy from UK to Calais over ‘security concerns’


Fallujah civillians describe torture under both ISIS and Iraqi government regime

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Three men say they have been tortured while held captive by sectarian militia. Photo: Salam Khoder/Al Jazeera


Allepo ceasefire doomed, MSF-supported hospital out of service after the attacks

According to Local Coordination Committees in Syria, a total of 15 people were killed in ‪‎Aleppo‬, 13 in ‪‎Idlib‬, 3 in ‪‎Deir Ezzour‬, 2 in Homs‬, 1 in ‎Damascus and 1 in ‪‎Hama‬ today.

Government helicopters have dropped 32 barrel bombs on the besieged city of Daraya

Helicopter attack recorded by the Daraya Council

Brave civil reporters from occupied Raqqa receive One World Media Special Award!

WEATHER WARNING has been issued today for the Mediterranean route from North Africa to Italy. The waves are very high, refugees, please do not attempt the crossing!


New asylum appeals body will include two judges and one person chosen by UNHCR

A total of 56,622 refugees are registered in Greece, including 8,319 on the islands, 9,947 in the Attica region, 2,172 in Central Greece, and as many as 23,881 in the Northern Greece. This only applies to official government camps. A total of 4,923 refugees are staying in “non official settlements” Elliniko and Pireaus. Approximately 1,500 are “self-settled” in makeshift camps around evicted areas. Additionally, there are 5,632 refugee users of UNHCR accommodation, including hotels, apartments, host families and the Vogiatzoglou camp in Thessaloniki.

57 refugees rescued off the coast of Lesvos

US Navy ship joins NATO in the Aegean

Pre-registrations already done in Cherso, bus shuttles to Thessaloniki starting tomorrow

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Suprisingly fast: pre-registered two days ago, interview scheduled for tomorrow. Photo: Azra Ayyash, AYS

Piraeus awaiting eviction, volunteers needed, there will be no pre-registration in the port

Volunteers sued by the government after renovating Elpis Hotel to house refugees

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Volunteers have spent months renovating the abandoned facility. Photo: The Hope Centre

The City Plaza hotel squat in Athens, currently housing 400 refugees, needs donations


A van with 33 refugees from Afghanistan and Pakistan intercepted by police near Zaječar


German Interior Minister calls for tougher treatment of refugees facing deportations


French authorities trying to ban 250-vehicle aid convoy to Calais over ‘security concerns’

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Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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