AYS NEWS DIGEST 16/9 — Refugee at Adavasci Transit Center on the border with Hungary reveals horrid conditions.

Pictures and video footage were sent to AYS, revealing the squalor and the shameful conditions that refugees are forced to endure. They are unable to go elsewhere, as they are waiting to cross the border into Hungary, and not being present for the nightly roll call means losing the chance to make the crossing. Residents also abuse rampant alcohol and drug abuse, sexual harassment, and mishandling by guards.


Despite the ceasefire, regime forces continue to prevent vital aid from reaching besieged Aleppo.


A three year old girl has died of pneumonia.

Rumors of more hotspots on Lesvos and Chios trigger a strong response.



Adasevci Transit Center: suitable for nobody.

Photos sent to us by a refugee.


Anti-trafficking unit denies having turned boats back to North Africa.


A makeshift camp in Paris dismantled by police.


The Swedish Minister of Migration says that Europe can take in 1 million refugees per year.


Hundreds of life jackets of refugees crossing the Mediterranean displayed in New York.

Refugees interested in moving to the US will soon be able to apply to the visa lottery.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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