AYS News Digest 17/06: “They killed my husband. If you deport us, they will kill my son as well.”

Photos: Nusrat Durrani and Beat Bronson


Doctors Without Borders (MSF) to no longer take funds from EU Member States and institutions

Photo: Mohammad Ghannam/MSF

Weather Forecast: High Wave Warning!


Assad’s regime prevent the entry of medical supplies and agricultural seeds to the besieged neighborhood of Waer

Syrian Journalists in critical condition after an assassination attempt


Volunteers, circus, and a juggling school come together to bring joy to refugees in Beqaa Valley

Photos: Nusrat Durrani and Beat Bronson


Increase in arrivals to Greece overstrains volunteers’ capacities in the region

Photos: Lighthouse Relief

Boat Reports in Greek Islands

Arabic or Farsi interpreter(s) needed on Chios.

Thousands of people joined march organized by refugee-hosting squats in Athens

Photo: Marios Lolos

Registration ongoing in Thessaloniki


Refugee Aid Group Info Park celebrates their 9 months!

Photo: Info Park


Refugees arrive to Rome through the Project Humanitarian Corridors

Photo: Ansa

Developments about the situation of refugees and refugee aid in Ventimiglia

Photo: La Stampa

Two smugglers arrested in Pozzallo

Transfer of refugees from Greece to Rome

Foreign Entrepreneur chosen to be the Best Entrepreneur of the Year

Photo: Il Sole 24 Ore Italia


Refugees turned back at the Austrian Border: Legally or Illegally?


Asylum seekers protesting during the press conference, organized by authorities


Kesha Niya Kitchen needs our help!

Great Britain

British Syrian Community Mourning British MP Jo Cox: “She fought on our side”

Photo: British Syrian Community of Manchester

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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