Roads to refuge are few as Aleppo fighting escalates. Rise in refugees migrating from Turkey to Greece. Slovenian and Polish presidents discuss relocation of refuges. Austrian bishop refuses security fence on church lands. 12 refugees from Greece to arrive in Estonia next week. Finland rules Hungary unsafe for refugees. Syrian refugees arrive in Dunedin to an emotional welcome on behalf of the locals.

Volunteers with children at camp in Lesvos. Photographer: Lighthouse Relief


Aleppo residents have increasingly fewer options to flee in the midst of bombings.

Peace Talks paused by opposition, U.N. envoy plans to continue talks into next week.


Turkish prime minister lashes out at Council of Europe report.


Lesvos Boat report.

27 arrive on Kos, volunteers raise tents due to lack of official camp.

Transits across the Aegean increasing once again.

International Organization for Migration assisting migrants in voluntarily returning to countries of origin.

Accommodations made in Athens Hotel.

Conditions at Vial remain appalling, volunteers to continue updating relevant information.

Afghan migrant in Macedonia separated from family after deportation, information is requested on their whereabouts.

Lesvos medical care continues to be scarce.

Petra camp faces shortages of food and staffing.

Supplies urgently needed at refugee squat in Athens 5th School.

900 camped at Katsica, call for volunteers of all kind to aid the camp.


Inadequacy of Gevgejlija and Tabanovce camps result in many returning to Greece.


Public debate calls into doubt effectiveness of EU-Turkey deal and closing of Balkan Route as solutions to refugee movements.


16 detained in Croatia after deportation from Austria, Slovenia and Sweden.


Slovenian president argues for common European immigration policy, Polish counterpart responds with opposition to forced relocations.

Slovenian referendum regarding migrant accommodations rejected.


Austria to tighten security on eastern border, enforce identification, despite Schengen zone.

Austrian bishop refuses to have fence planted on church grounds, demands that refugee crisis be tackled at its root causes.


12 refugees to be settled in Estonia, seven previously accepted.


Finland rules against deportation of refugee to Hungary due to potentially inhumane treatment.


13 families arrive in New Zealand as country expands locations to settle refugees.


New agency to be activated as coast guard to halt smuggling of migrants.

Call for stronger legal pathways to admit refugees and migrants, to combat dangerous smuggling journeys.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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