AYS News Digest 22/5/17: Growing uncertainty among those being (re)moved

Evacuation of Elliniko leaves many refugees wondering and worrying / Situation on Chios deteriorating, conditions “worse than ever” / Urgent help needed in Gorizia / Swiss people reject the plan to house minors in proper centres / Protests in Germany / Minors missing in Norway

Credits: Stefan Simanowitz‏



Chios (Photo: Leslie Meral Schick)

Elliniko evacuation

There has been no consultation with Ellinko residents who have been kept in the dark as to when and where they will be moved to. The authorities must urgently guarantee that no one will be rendered homeless or placed at risk as a result of the closure. Safe and secure adequate alternative housing which takes account of the particular needs of women and girls must be made available.


New system of distribution



Urgent need for help in Gorizia


Bari mobilized to help new arrivals


Financing of a new reception centre for unaccompanied refugee minors — refused


Police stopped a protest in Berlin

Berlin district administration office forced them to throw out their tents cause law says that, and Now they have to sleep without anything outside of their former camp Infront of briennerstr.16 in Berlin. But still they will continue their strike” (Photos: Refugees Welcome)
Photo: Refugee struggle for freedom


143 young people disappeared!


My soul is free — انا روحي حره
Digital Art by Julie Larah


UNHCR ‘shocked at the harsh conditions’ in detention camps of Lybia

“The time has come for us, as the UN refugee agency, to step up our presence and activities in the country”

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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