AYS NEWS DIGEST 23/06 – 4,500 rescued in the Mediterranean.

After a short respite, the Mediterranean is once again picking up as smugglers are taking advantage of the good weather to send as many people over as possible. 4,500 were picked up by the Italian coast guard in 40 operations — with one body recovered in the process.

A volunteer helps some of the refugees saved from the vessel. Photo Credit: Yann Merlin


Russia inadvertently confirms its usage of incendiary weapons.


Today’s Numbers

Trusted sources report that water is being rationed in Nea Kavala and Stonehouse. Food remains similarly terrible.

A shameful example of what is being fed to refugees.

Mosquito swarms at Cherso Camps present a worry.

Mosquitos at Cherso

Tensions mount in reception centers following the killing of a man.

On Saturday, Bulgarian authorities forced a Greek train to return to Greece.


Refugee Support Serbia, Moving Europe, and Migzsol report on the brutality of the Hungarian police towards refugees attempting to cross the border.



Sweden has passed a new law which would limit residency permits issued, family reunification.


Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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