AYS News Digest 24.11.16: Fire in Lesvos camp leads to the death of two refugees, eight more seriously injured.


The deadly fire in Moria has taken at least two lives. Photo Credit: Proactiva Open Arms


Rebels agree to UN plan for aid delivery to besieged East Aleppo. Russian and regime approval needed.

Doctors and civil servants in Eastern Aleppo ask for humanitarian airdrops into the city.


Online shop for crafts made by Syrian refugees.


Refugees in Harmanli Center clash with police.


A total of 70 new registrations today, 57 in Chios and 13 on other islands.

Yellow Aid Truck down, they need your help!

Organization seeking volunteer translators for Arabic, Farsi, and Kurmanci!


Refugee from Afghanistan commits suicide in Šid.

Asylum Info Center in Belgrade helps refugees.


Refugee boy almost dies as a result of beating at the hands of Hungarian police.


Nazi-era terminology finds new life amid the stoking of anti-refugee sentiments.

German court approves second-tier asylum for Syrian refugees.

Syrian baby named after Angela Merkel denied asylum.

Mobile Info Team provides free resources for refugees seeking to learn German.


France seeks to bribe refugees to return to their countries of origin.

Safe Passage UK release their Calais Demolition Report.

An update from Paris.


Clashes break out in Turin as tensions between refugees and local population grows.


146 were rescued today by MOAs.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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