AYS News Digest 27.10 — As Syria burns, Putin hints at massive push to take East Aleppo.

A child looks through debris following yesterday’s airstrike on a school in Hass, north of Idlib. Photo Credit: Reuters


“A nest of terrorists”

Eastern Aleppo after 5 weeks of relentless assaults. The dotted lines represent territories captured by the regime.

The Hass school bombing

The aftermath of yesterday’s horrific bombing in Hass.

Syrian women’s scars run deep.


2016 has surpassed 2015 as the year with the highest number of casualties on the Mediterranean crossing.

Photo by MSF Sea

29 corpses found aboard boat off the coast of Libya.

Sea-Watch is looking for a new captain and machinist.


NATO to intensify efforts to prevent refugees from crossing the Aegean.

103 new arrivals to Lesvos brings number on island back up to 6,000 for the first time since September.

Fundraiser begins for LGBTQ refugees in Greece.

Greek Asylum Service releases instructions for refugees whose Protection Applicant Card was stolen.

Legal info workshop to take place in Micropolis, Thessaloniki.

Warehouse volunteers needed on Lesvos!


Kelebija Community Center needs your help!



4000 euro per day fine for refusing to issue visa to Syrian family

France-Calais Eviction update

“These are children left sleeping outside at Calais camp.” By Glenys Newton
These young boys have nowhere else to go, they’re sat in a smouldering tent waiting to hear what will happen next.. By Care4Calais.
Is this really necessary?
Early morning. ….Time to leave the place we called home. .. By Ifty Patel

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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