AYS NEWS DIGEST 29/9 — UN prepares for a mass exodus of civilians from Mosul

Meanwhile, according to EU standards, Iraq is a “safe” country and refugees from Iraq have to jump through hoops to be considered for asylum. This, along with the shame of yesterday’s news of the EU blackmailing Afghanistan to take in refugees deported from Europe, shows that despite posturing, Europe remains morally corrupt and indifferent about the lives of people fleeing war.

Children playing in a camp on the island of Chios. Photo Credit: Louisa Gouiliamaki, AFP


As the Iraqi military gears up for assault on ISIS stronghold, worries about mass exodus arise.


UNICEF reports that 96 children have been killed in Aleppo since Friday.


No Border Kitchen Lesvos issues a harrowing report on the situation in Lesvos.

Khora Community Center promises support for vulnerable people.


In the Loop has published an excellent newsletter on the Moria Fire.


Refugees staging a peaceful protest of conditions in ex-barracks Serena in Treviso. Photo Credit: Melting Pot Europa

Refugees in Treviso protest living conditions.

Vigil to be held for refugees who lost their lives.


A list of drop-off points for UK residents wishing to donate to refugees in Calais may be found here.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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