AYS News Digest — Graveyard in the Mediterranean

Statistics show that May 2016 was the second deadliest month on record for refugees attempting to cross the Mediterranean via Libya, with nearly 1,100 dying as a result. More deaths are likely without European policy changes to allow refugees to reach Europe in alternative ways!

Source: Eko Project


Source: IOM


As ISIS grows weaker in Iraq and Syria, they are expanding in Libya.


Four ISIS strongholds are now under attack, making it likely that the group will lose ground.

A volunteer was killed in a Russian airstrike.


Officials have confirmed that the Eko Gas Station is to be evacuated.

The Greek Asylum Service will be expanding its operation on the Greek mainland.

Today’s numbers and news of new arrivals.

Dozens of asylum seekers have been injured in a riot at Moria Camp. There are also problems at Samos.


Help AYS!


Mikalište Center in Belgrade has been reopened! The staff is asking for help in building a library.

Children playing at the newly reopened Miksalište facility. Source: Refugee Aid Miksalište Facebook page.

The body of a refugee has been found on the Serbo-Hungarian border.


There is an ongoing protest at Kiskunhalas Detention Center.


Refugees in Tabanovce Camp continue to live in difficult conditions, donations are needed.


Bundestag passage resolution recognizing the Armenian Genocide prompts Turkey to withdraw its ambassador.

Three Syrians arrested for allegedly planning an attack.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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