AYS NEWS DIGEST — Hospitals in Syria remain dreadful

There was a close call yesterday when a regime airstrike hit the sidewalk outside of a children’s hospital. Syrian doctors live in fear that they and their patients will be targeted. A heart-wrenching article in the New England Journal of Medicine discusses the difficult decisions which must be made when hospitals are undersupplied and understaffed. Changes must be made.

Regime airstrike hit a street outside of a children’s hospital in Eastern Aleppo.



Refugees in Turkey can get advice on their legal rights via SMS.

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A demonstration by City Plaza demanding adequate housing for refugees. Photo Credit: Nasim Lomani



The mental health tolls on refugees are severe.

Donations needed to help feed fasting refugees.

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Volunteers distributing food to refugees for Ramadan. Photo Credit:Help Refugees

Nurture Project International asks for donations and volunteers to provide support for mothers with young children.

Group releases report detailing conditions in refugee centers.


An increasing number of refugees are making their way into Bulgaria.


“Defencing Festival” to be hold on the Slovenian-Croatian border.


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Refugee children in a park in Belgrade. Photo Credit: Info Park


Statistics reveal that refugees’ rate of criminality equals that of Germans.

Amnesty International has criticized German authorities over inadequate responses to hate crimes.


Refugee centers in Austria are being attack.


Hungary refuses to readmit thousands of refugees from Austria.

Hungarian Helsinki Committee details life in the “Pre-Transit Zone” on the Serbo-Hungarian border.


Man thought to be a key figure in the Mediterranean smuggling route extradited to Italy.


Calais group asks for help to give refugees a mosque for Ramadan.


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Imece volunteers help to keep refugee children in Turkey occupied. Source: Imece

Guardian article details what motivates volunteers.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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