AYS NEWS DIGEST — Huge problem of unaccompanied Minors in Refugee Centers.

A young refugee’s protest note on Chios; PHOTO: Gabrielle Tan

Special Report on Minors

Thousands of Minor Refugees Stranded Alone in Greece.

A Volunteer’s notes about the minors in Chios:


Aid convoys reach besieged towns.

While aid delivered to Daraya provides some relief, what is needed is for all sieges to be lifted, said OCHA on Twitter.


EU advises Greece to recognise Turkey as a safe third country.

Credits: EPA/ Kostas Tsironis

Tourist village transformed into a sanctuary.

Solidarity with the volunteers and activists in the field: donations needed!

Refugees resorting to prostitution in Athens.


Disease prevention failing in FYROM Camps.

12 new migrant accommodation centers in Central Greece.

More refugees arrive brought to Kos.

Public Prayer Spaces for End Of Ramadan In Athens.

Mixed Feelings In Elliniko As Pre-Registration Begins.


300 refugees stuck at the border.


Hungary refuses to take migrants back.

Credits: Eszter Zalan

UNHCR: Concerns About Hungarian Border Restrictions.

People in Kormend need to travel 500 kilometres to meet their case officer.


Our volunteer enters finals of EU Social Innovation Competition with a project dedicated to refugees.

Children know no cultural and language barriers: wonderful workshop in Zagreb.

Credits: Živi Atelje DK


German politicans want to declare more countries as safe origin countries.

Refugees Are Teaching Germans How to Cook Their Traditional Foods.

Credits: Laura Fiorio, courtesy of Uber den Tellerrand

Four men who attacked refugees with sticks are sentenced.

Auction in Germany for refugees benefits.

Investigation: Fight over Ramadan led to blaze at German refugee center.


2000 Refugees have been saved from the sea on June 9 alone.


Audit of UNHCR management of procurement by partners using UNHCR funds April 2016.

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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