AYS Digest 26.10: Calais children with nowhere to sleep

Children left without shelter after Calais fires. Hungary builds new fence at its border with Serbia. Record 3,800 die in the Mediterranean. Deportation of a pregnant woman from Austria to Croatia suspended.

Children left without shelter after Calais fires

Large fires broke out in Calais yesterday night and continued on today, leaving up to 100 unaccompanied minors without a safe place to sleep and volunteers frantically searching for shelters.

Photo by Refugee Infobus
The queue for the minors registration this morning. Photo by Ifty Patel
Photo by Help Refugees

Volunteers dismiss the prefect Fabienne Buccio’s claim that “there are no more migrants in the camp”.

InfoBus says today’s and yesterday’s fires destroyed community centers, restaurants, and shelters. Among the destruction were structures such as Baloo’s Youth Centre, the Women and Children’s bus and Hummingbird Project’s safe space for young people. One 17 year old was injured and taken to the hospital.

Photo by the Hummingbird Project
Photo by Ifty Patel

Many refugees unwilling to leave

Not everyone is willing to leave for French CAOs, with many still hoping to reach the UK. Al Jazeera reports that about 40 Syrians are holding out in Calais as they hope to join immediate family in England. Yamin, from Damascus, says “We have families in England. My wife is in England too. The French government is giving us just one month in the refugee centers and after that we don’t know what it’ll do. We still have the same issues, we have to go to England but how, we don’t know”. Mohamed Khalid, from Aleppo, wants to reunite with his wife and four children, saying “I don’t want to stay in France because I have no one here”. The refugees fear that by claiming asylum in France, they would have to undergo a lengthy asylum process that would prevent them from permanently settling with their families in the UK.

Photo by Annie Patricia Gavrilescu
Photo by Ifty Patel

How You Can Help

Organizations on the ground can call on people to take action by contacting their local MPs, media, and Amber Rudd and Theresa May to pressure them into finding a solution that protects these children immediately.

Video by The Worldwide Tribe


Clashes reported in the Vial hotspot of Chios

KeeptalkingGreece reports on clashes in the hot spot of Vial on the island of Chios. The website says incidents broke out after a group of refugee women protested the slow asylum procedures outside the mobile offices of EASO. The dispute quickly escalated, with an asylum worker, a policeman, and a female refugee injured during the clashes.

Updated Info at W2EU in Arabic, Farsi and English

The Welcome to Greece Guide is now available in Arabic, Farsi as well as English.

New Volunteers needed

  • ERCI is looking for volunteers to join its team at Elpída Home, a humane refugee accommodation facility in the outskirts of Thessaloniki Northern Greece, to help run its daily routine while optimizing the residents’ daily lives and well being. More information on the team’s website.
  • Arabic, Farsi, English speakers are needed for the remote support of young refugees looking to learn new skills online. The role involves reviewing current online resources, defining a study plan, and checking on them once a week. More information available on Greecevol.


Photo by Lazara Marinkovic
Photo by Lazara Marinkovic

Info Park’s last day

Today was the last day for Info Park’s hut in the Bristol Park of Belgrade.


Hungary starts building new fence

Euronews reports that Hungary has started building a new fence on its southern border with Serbia as part of its efforts to keep migrants and refugees from freely entering the country.

Trial of Ahmad H. starts on Friday

FreetheRozke11 says the last trial of Ahmad H, one of the Röszke 11 accused of violating the border fence during a mass disturbance, will take place on the 28th of October.

  • Come to the demonstration to Budapest! After all the confusing information about the trial we couldn’t make a wider international call to protest, but we really would appreciate it if you could join us on the 28th of November. Write us if you can come!”
  • Organize solidarity demonstrations in your city, for example in front of the Hungarian Embassy!
  • Share the information to NGO’s/groups etc.”


Deportation from Austria to Croatia suspended

The European Court of Human Rights has suspended the deportation of a pregnant woman from Austria to Croatia and wants to further investigate the level of medical access of refugees have in the country — if more detailed information is available on the extent of, or lack of medical services, many other deportations could be suspended. In the claim, the legal representative quoted the recent report from Porin published in Novosti. The court’s ruling shows that deportations can be inadmissible even if there are no systematic deficiencies in the country’s asylum system — individual circumstances can be enough to prevent a deportation, if the circumstances mean that basic rights could be violated.


Deaths rise in the Mediterranean despite drop in people making the journey

The INYT covers UNHCR figures showing deaths among migrants crossing the Mediterranean from North Africa to Europe are to overtake the fatalities last year despite a sharp fall in the number making the journey. The figures show at least 3,740 people had died by the start of this week, compared with 3,771 in the whole of 2015. UNHCR spokesperson William Spindler said of the situation, ‘this is by far the worst we have ever seen.’

Photo by Irish Emergency Logistics Team

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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