DAILY DIGEST 11/4/2017: Closed borders brought us back to times of slave trade

In Libya people are being sold as slaves in public places // Storm prevented rescue team from helping people trying to cross the sea // Degrading conditions on Greek islands // Arrests, and detentions on Kos island // Young refugees in Germany turning to sex work

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By Mana Neyestani. From Art Against.


Slave trade in Libya has become normalized

Due to the policy of closed borders and strict migration, the worst among us are encouraged to commit any types of crimes, knowing that in most of the cases they will go unpunished. Latest news from Libya and Niger about slave trade should make European leaders truly ashamed.


Storm prevented rescue operations

Meanwhile, more people are trying to cross the sea. However, last two days Sea Watch-2 could hardly do anything in the open see due to storms. The waves were up to 4/5 m high.


Decrease in number of arrivals

The number of arrivals to Greece is decreasing. Today, only 18 people arrived at Samos, according to the official figures. So far in April, 318 people arrived in Greece by sea, and 4,362 since the beginning of the year, according to IOM data.

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Photo by Jenny Kali

Useful info in Kurmanji

RefuComm published series of very useful info in Kurmanji language. Please, take a look and share it with those who may need it.


Hundreds of refugees missing after fire in Dunkirk

Yesterday, after riots a fire broke out, destroying all of the 300 shelters, and at least 10 people have been injured. From the 1000 to 1500 people who have been transferred from the camp many have disappeared, according to MSF the whereabouts of 600 people are unknown.


Young refugees turn to sex work

A number young refugees, mostly man from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran, who are in Germany are turning to prostitution, according to an investigation by Berlin broadcaster rbb, in cooperation with a number of local charities.

And some really good news

Germany has stopped sending migrants back to Hungary until it can be sure that those transferred “will be dealt with according to European procedures,” a spokesperson for the German interior ministry said Tuesday, according to BFMTV.

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