AYS News Digest 18/6: UN Secretary General fails to raise hopes of refugees stranded in Greece

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EDITOR’S NOTE Removed reports of changes for Iraqis in July

As we are getting conflicted unofficial reports about the possible deadline for registration of Iraqi refugees, we’ll wait until we can get a full confirmation or denial. We’d like to urge everyone not to spread unconfirmed info as it could lead to unnecessary panic among the refugees.


UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon visits the island of Lesvos and offered remarks in Mytilene, Greece today after meeting with several families.

Video courtesy of Ariel Ricker

The Secretary General decried the conditions faced by refugees, citing evidence of economic disenfranchisement and sexual abuse. The Secretary General also called on the international community to do more to prevent the drowning of the “equivalent of two full trans-continental passenger jets” in the mediterranean every month.

Despite these encouraging words, though, in the wake of other visits from foreign dignitaries such as Angelina Jolie and Pope Francis, which resulted in little tangible benefit for refugees, most refugees in the area remain unimpressed, reported Ariel.

“Most of us stayed in our tents when he (Ban Ki-Moon) came into Moria. We had hope when the Pope came. Nothing changed. We have no hope. So now it doesn’t matter who comes.”

- Pakistani Refugee from Moria

Furthermore, Secretary General Ki-Moon and Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras came under some criticism on social media following Tipras’s gift of a clearly defunct life-jacket to the Secretary General. Whether intended as a subtle critique of the lack of progress being made in preventing refugee deaths in the Mediterranean or not, many feel that the gift — and especially the lighthearted atmosphere around the bestowal of it — was in poor taste, especially in light of recent Mediterranean tragedies.

Tweet courtesy of Gauri van Gulik



Media courtesy of Maria Lalin


English speakers and teachers wanted!


Up to 10,000 minors may have ended up in the hands of the mafia.

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Music demonstration in Thessaloniki Photo Credits: Chloe Kousoula


Fund has helped over 1,000 refugees avoid smugglers in Serbia.


New transit zone may give “Action Film Mayor” of Hungarian town a sequel.

Another video featuring Toroczkai features less motorcycling, horse-back riding, and epic soundtracks, but more overtly disturbing material as it betrays Toroczkai’s true attitudes towards refugees as he repeats familiar-sounding depictions of an “invasion” of Europe. The community (called Custodela) being promoted by Toroczkai in this film is even revealing as post after post repeats disturbing “analysis” of the refugee crisis that paints “European values” as the true victim.

Unless the mayor has had a change of heart in the last several months, it remains a concern what would indicate insofar as the treatment of refugees passing through the transit zone.


New statistics released by Help Refugees and L’Auberge des Migrants reports numbers higher than previously thought in the Jungle


French and UK authorities collaborate to prevent emergency aid convoy from passing through to France

Video courtesy of Julia Armstrong

The French cited security and terrorism concerns in the wake of the football hooliganism that unfolded in Marseille as British football hooligans and their Russian counterparts trashed the city and attacked each other and civilian bystanders. Volunteers peacefully protested the blockade outside of the French embassy in solidarity.

Video courtesy of @imajsaclaimant

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Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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