Refugees speaking out while volunteers take stronger root in camps.


ISIS is attempting to regain control of territory through terror as it releases the previously-unseen video showing the execution of five citizen journalists.

Photos from Khaled al-Issa’s memorial. Photos via @arabthmoness


Fallujah wrested from ISIS control as the Iraqi Army takes full control of the city.


Refugees protest camp in Vasilika.

Photo Credit: Franken Konvoi

Volunteer opportunities blossom for those with diverse ranges of skill sets

Photo Credit: Open Cultural Center
Workshops on Samos. Photo Credit “Samos Volunteers.”

This includes three pregnant women, considered vulnerable according to the UNHCR.


The plight of pregnant refugee women was recently given broader coverage.


Twenty-nine refugees involved in crash.


Possible new action on the mysterious Austrian “Pushbacks” that occurred in spring.


Volunteer action to put digital devices in the hands of refugees as the new WiFi hotspots in Calais promote better information sharing and security.

“In Paris, refugees are scattered mainly in the North of the city and “refugees camps” are usually a bunch of tents set up somewhere.” — Carol Moreno

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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