AYS daily 12/09: Thousands rescued in the Mediterranean over the weekend


3400 people rescued in Mediterranean over the weekend

Healthy baby boy born on board of the rescue ship

Welcome Newman Otas! Photo: MSF


No help for Syrians waiting on humanitarian aid

Crowdfunding campaign for medical aid destined for Syria


93 new arrivals on Greek islands

New arrivals to Lesvos. Photo: Light house relief

Overcrowding in camps on the islands

Life in the camps is nothing but dust, containers and concrete

Urgent call for a report on (non) educating children in Greece

LGBT safe space in Athens

If you have an interview scheduled, UNCR can transport you


Celebrating Eid

Photo: Legis


German lessons in Belgrade

Photo: Refugee foundation Serbia

Italy/ Switzerland

Protest on the border


University of Lille offering a number of scholarships for those stuck in the Jungle

Dunkirk refugee center for women needs help

More migrants on the streets of Paris


Religious leader urging U.K. government to be more humane and prevent tragedies by allowing family reunification

Britain’s smallest immigrant

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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