Volunteers needed on Horgoš and Kelebija border crossings

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Refugees from Gaza arriving on Lesvos. Husband is carrying his blind wife on his back and a baby in his hands. Photo taken from lesvosnews.net


There were 132 new arrivals on Greek islands today with 57, 046 people still stuck in Greece as numbers are not really changing and relocation program is still not properly functioning. As Platanos refugee solidarity Lesvos reports: “One rubber boat with 56 refugees from Syria, Afhganistan, Iran, Ethiopia and Eritrea arrived yesterday at 2 pm at the beach of Kayia next to the village of Skala Sykamias. The boat landed on its own, escaping the blockade imposed by NATO, Frontex, Greek and Turkish coastguard vessels, which are patrolling the sea of Northern Lesvos day and night. When Greek coastguard appeared, they seemed quite frustrated about losing the boat since their strategy for the past month has been to keep refugees on the water, away from volunteer help and medical assistance, until coastguard buses arrive to take them to the detention centre of Moria.”

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Dhingi that just brought refugees to the shore of Lesvos Photo: Platanos refugee solidarity, Levos

Brexit to affect already slow relocation process.

He also said the ministry is initiating a short-term plan that includes closing down a significant number of informal camps by September. “The government’s plan is for these camps to be transformed and for refugees and migrants to be distributed equally throughout Greece, near large cities, in camps and apartments with less than 1,000 people by region, so as to avoid creating ghettos and to start a process of gradual integration, for as long as they remain in the country,”.

Hope center in Lesvos closed

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Phillippa and Eric Kempson. British expats that ran the Hope center in Lesvos

Join the volunteers in Samos

Mosquitoes pose a real threat

In 2015, the range of areas afflicted by West Nile Virus in Greece only expanded, and as mosquito season continues, we can expect to see cases showing up in the camp. The symptoms of West Nile Virus include fever, headache, body aches, rash, and swollen lymph nodes. Severe symptoms include stiff neck, sleepiness, disorientation, coma, convulsions, and paralysis. Individuals who suspect they may have West Nile are encouraged to report to medical care immediately.


3,300 migrants in 26 separate operations in the Mediterranean rescued over the weekend

The people were picked up from 25 dinghies and one boat, all north of the Libyan coast, the Coast Guard said in a separate statement.

The navy spokesperson said one adult was found dead and another four injured migrants were transported by helicopter to the nearest hospital, on the island of Lampedusa. About 60,000 boat migrants have been brought to Italy so far this year, according to the Interior Ministry.

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Migrants disembark from a vessel of ONG Medecins sans Frontieres (MSF) in the Sicilian harbour of Augusta, Italy, June 24, 2016. Photo: Reuters

Right wing party leading the way in protests blaming migrants for economic hardship in Europe

Hungary / Serbia border

Volunteers are urgently needed on the border of Hungary and Serbia, but keep in mind it is a dangerous border and volunteers need either to speak Serbian and/or Hungarian or to have a reliable translator onsite. Before thinking of going check out the new FB page and connect with those already working there.

If you are an independent volunteer you have to find an organisation with the permission to get to the border area, otherwise you can organize activities and distribution 500 meters far from the border area where there is a shop. The people are gathering there, you can meet them easily.

The daily food they get is bread, 1/2 liter of water and tuna or sardines. Doctors are urgently needed too. At the border crossing, Kelebija, there is a camp with 300 people. The conditions are very bad: no doctors, no showers, only 10 toilets for all the people, none come to pick up the trash, the food distribution is not enough for the people and the temperature is around 35° every day.

The crossing procedure is very slow only 15 people per day, and if you are a young male without family after you enter you have to wait 28 days detained in the transit zone before going to an Hungarian camp.


Trial of the Roeszke 11 starts today.


No border camp held on the Croatian — Slovenian border this weekend

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Light brigade crew. Photo: Tea Vidović
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Workshop’s held in Kumrovec, Croatia, No border camp. Photo: Tea Vidović

Croatia expecting relocated people. Volunteers needed


Developments in legal case concerning push backs on Austrian border

The role of interpreters — all provided by private security firm Group 4, not qualified as interpreters and some of them hardly able to communicate in German — is questionable to say the least, as is the fact that at no point was a record kept as to which interpreter worked on which case. In some cases interpreters provided the expertise about which region within a country is currently affected by war and which isn’t. No clear indication that the reason for push-back was communicated to those concerned in their own language. The legal possibility of appeal were not communicated at any point.

Interviews only lasted some minutes — including translation — in one case about 2. In one case the request to talk to a supervising officer was turned down; also at the moment of signing the interview protocol, there was no translator present who could have explained what exactly was being signed. While the form contains details about legal options (in German), the form was taken off those pushed back by the Slovenian authorities who used this copy to prepare the paperwork for later transfer to the Slovenian internment camps.

So to sum up — while the verdicts will be communicated in writing at a later stage, we have already established some vital facts about proceedings in Spielfeld in practice and a number of problematic aspects have been highlighted that point to a great need for improvements.

Next court day is this coming Thursday from 9.30 am — we will live-tweet again under‪#‎WithRefugees‬ and ‪#‎pushedback_spielfeld‬.”


Interactive Welcome map of Paris


Cast of King Lear to be performing poems written by refugees living in Calais

Open Letter concerning Brexit

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Open letter published in today’s Times

On Tuesday this week we have a Parliament group meeting to discuss the fallout of Brexit and the implications for child refugees.

Don’t let the right wingers and fascists frame the narrative. We must not let the government surge to the right and break down those hard-won protections for refugees. Already Theresa May is challenging the rights of refugee children in the courts and her proposed asylum strategy last year is expected to severely curtail the rights of asylum seekers when it is announced.

We need to defend the rights of refugees and those who seek sanctuary within our borders. Human rights will be one of the first things to be eroded under a far-right government, and those of refugees and asylum seekers will be the first to fall. We must not let this happen. ‪#‎RefugeesWelcome‬ ‪#‎LoveWins‬

Signed by The Refugee Council, CARE International, Calais Action, Amnesty International, Christian Aid, Scottish Refugee Council, Action Aid UK, CAFOD, the IRC, Doctors of the World UK, Refugee Action, Freedom from Torture, and the Jesuit Refugee Service UK.”

Daily news digests from the field, mainly for volunteers and refugees on the route, but also for journalists and other parties.

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